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Fall Specials

It's hard to imagine that fall is right around the corner! All nurseries and garden centers run specials at this time of year to reduce inventory and get rid of inferior stock left over from the year. Right??? Wrong - not in our case! We are different! Although our quantities go down (mainly because we prefer not to feed the deer all winter) our quality and VALUE remain high. Our "everyday" price on our healthier trees and shrubs are often lower than our competitors' sales prices. So, don't wait for a sale of inferior stock when you can shop our healthy inventory at a fair price all year long.

Stop in this fall to look at our great value on trees, shrubs, and evergreens!

Fall Plantings

Fall is a great time to plant. Days are shorter, the ground is generally moist, stress on plants is less, and the amount of time you need to water your new plants is reduced. Substantial root growth will occur in late fall, so even if leaves have fallen off of the trees and shrubs, roots will continue to grow until the ground freezes. Keeping this in mind, trees and shrubs can be planted well into November. Evergreens should be planted no later than approximately one month before the ground freezes, so they should be in the ground by mid to late October (the earlier the better!).

Stop on in and let us show you how to get a jump start on next year's beauty!

Gift Giving
If you find it hard to pick out that perfect gift for someone you care about, consider giving the gift that keeps growing - -Van Zeeland Nursery & Landscape Gift Certificates. Call or stop in to place your order today.